Welcome to a world where craftsmanship meets creativity, where every piece of furniture is not just a product but a masterpiece born from passion and precision.

At 1718 Ltd, we redefine the art of living with our exquisite Bespoke Furniture, proudly crafted in the heart of Scotland. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every curve, every detail, and every thoughtfully chosen material. From the rugged landscapes of Scotland to your living space, our creations bring a touch of Scottish elegance and heritage into your home. Explore our portfolio and experience the essence of Bespoke Furniture in Scotland like never before.

Distinctive furniture begins in the imagination, not in the workshop or timber yard, showroom, or boardroom. The imagination is where ideas begin, take shape, and emerge, in response to practical needs or an emotional desire for something new, or more traditional, more personal, or simply different.

The imagination you’ll find at work in 1718 bespoke furniture is original, dynamic, and creative. Better still, our ideas are empowered with a lifetime’s experience of techniques, technology, and materials. We are outstandingly well-equipped to transform client desires and concepts into realities in ways that surprise, thrill, and function.

We like our clients to participate, collaborate, and share in the creative process, should you care to – after all, it’s your dreams we are making come true. All our bespoke furniture is made here in Scotland.