A pair of early 19th century English X Frame Mahogany Side Chairs…

… these were the inspiration for another bespoke piece we made for Ben Pentreath Ltd. The chairs were purchased for a client, and a third chair was commissioned to tie in and reflect the style of the period.

We arranged for one of the originals to be sent to us so we could lift templates to ensure all the sizes and details were perfect. Making sure this chair was spot on was a goal we were thrilled to be accomplishing. Every aspect of crafting this piece was enjoyable!

The back legs and top rail have a reeded detail and the front legs are moulded on two sides, just like the originals. The back has a curve in two directions, one runs up the back legs the other across the X frame. These curves may be subtle, but we know that every small detail on a piece can make the finished product that much more impactful.

The chair frame was made from Poplar sourced from Northeast America, and this wood has a delicate texture with mellow cream to light green colouring.

All the legs and rails are mortice and tenon together with a half-lap on the X frame. We were determined to ensure a seamless appearance, which we achieved undoubtedly!

Due to the tight grain of the Poplar, it is an excellent timber to use for a paint finish. We finished this particular piece with the fantastic Farrow & Ball Brinjal No. 222 Estate colour. Looking at the photos now, the finish is just as eye-catching as the day we applied it.

The upholstery process was completed in the traditional manner, and rather than using a green leather to match the originals, a gorgeous, stripped fabric was chosen. This outstanding fabric the stud detail was added to complete the look.

This whole design process results in the beautiful chair you see before you. It was a pleasure to work on and we would be more than happy to craft a piece akin to this again.