The name that inspired us

Thomas Chippendale

If you want to be the very best you can be today, learn from the very best of the past. A key source of inspiration for our creativity lies in the achievements of the legendary cabinet maker and interior designer Thomas Chippendale. Born in 1718, his exceptional skills, imagination and innovative thinking continue to motivate us today.

A Yorkshireman, Chippendale made his name in London designing furniture in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo and Neoclassical styles. The world fell in love with his work, and his legacy remains influential across the world today. For us, it’s 1718 forever.

Another big inspiration

Sir Edwin Lutyens

A second great source of inspiration to us is Sir Edwin Lutyens. Born in London in 1869, Sir Edwin was both a brilliant designer and architect. He designed many grand English country houses and the furniture within them, and famously played a key role in the design and construction of New Delhi.

We have created many beautiful pieces of furniture inspired by Sir Edwin’s drawings (see Portfolio), and also strive to emulate the humility and warmth that he shared with his clients throughout his career.

British craftsmanship

When clients first see 1718 furniture, the craftsmanship of our team often takes their breath away. From our designers, cabinet-makers, and hand carvers, to our upholsterers and metalworkers, we only work with experts of the highest calibre.

Across our portfolio, we balance science and art. Some of our designs, such as those inspired by Sir Edwin Lutyens, require a rare attention to detail and a challenging grasp of geometry – and our knowledge of materials and finishes is second to none.

This is hand-made artisan furniture of unusually distinctive character, each piece unique and fit to grace the finest of rooms. And it’s all made by the hearts, minds and hands of a team that is passionate about the traditions and techniques of outstanding cabinet-making – from Scotland with love.

Our Team

Founded and owned by Susan and Michael Mancini, 1718 is a company grounded in family values.

Everyone who works here, from designers to technicians to project managers, takes immense pride in the hand-crafted work that we create for our clients.

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Mancini

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Furniture Artisan

Michael Mancini

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Susan Mancini

As Chief Operating Officer, Susan leads the business side of 1718, drawing on a wealth of experience in previous roles. After starting her career with an architectural practice, and then FirstGroup plc, she began working with the well-known Scottish entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter, and the financial entrepreneur Jim McMahon, who is a trustee of The Hunter Foundation. She’s also a qualified financial advisor.

“The strong family values at the core of 1718 is one of the reasons why 1718 clients receive such outstanding service,” says Susan. “The whole 1718 team shares a culture of wanting to deliver the very best they can.”

Do get in touch with Susan if you would like to discover more about 1718.

Michael Mancini

Michael clearly remembers the day he walked into The Old Curiosity Shop in Ayr, as a 17 year old, to start his apprenticeship in furniture restoration. “The smell of the workshop was intoxicating and I knew then that furniture was my future,” he recalls.

It was there that Michael began to learn his craft, before moving to Glasgow to train as a cabinet maker. At the end of his apprenticeship, he made a Davenport Desk, which he chose to showcase his skills, with hand-cut dovetails, carving on the front legs and a curved front lid. It was awarded first prize in the McDonald prize competition through The Incorporation of Wrights in Glasgow, and helped to launch Michael’s career.

“I love the grain and tactile quality of wood,” he says. “To me, different woods have different personalities, and it’s fascinating to watch them evolve into things of beauty.”

Over the years, Michael honed his skills working for a series of high-end furniture makers and managing furniture workshops. Although a cabinet maker of renown, he now focuses on design, working closely with our clients and our team of craftsmen to translate great ideas into true things of beauty.

Do get in touch with Michael if you would like to discover more about 1718.