A magical dinner setting

A valued client of ours called Lorraine Tracey asked us to design and build a new bespoke dining table for her Renfrewshire home. It had to be expandable, seating up to 14 people for family gatherings. She was also keen on a burr walnut surface, and wanted elegant paisley-patterned chairs that could be placed in two of her bedrooms when not required.

It was a good plan, but we had two concerns we felt we should share. Firstly, we didn’t think that burr walnut would deliver the truly special finish she was looking for. Secondly, the paisley bespoke dining chairs might have looked out of place in other parts of the house.

We came up with a solution. Our team showed Lorraine designs for a light sycamore tabletop to complement the dining room’s beige décor. Importantly, we also embraced Lorraine’s love of paisley by incorporating a delicate inlay, edged with pewter.

We then recommended beige and green fabrics for the chairs, which worked wonderfully with the dining room décor. It also meant that, when not required, the beige chairs could be placed in Lorraine’s bedroom window, while the green ones suited her daughter’s room.

Together, the table and all 14 chairs now provide a magical dinner setting for the Tracey family and friends, with dramatic views across the garden.

Lorraine Tracey: “I was astonished when I saw Michael’s idea for the inlay. It was beautiful and I knew right away that it was what I wanted. Thanks to the extraordinary craftsmanship of 1718, the room now looks stunning, and the furniture is as practical as it is elegant. We have had many happy times as a family around the table.”