Inspired by Sir Edwin Lutyens 

One of Britain’s greatest architects, Edwin Lanseer Lutyens (1869 – 1944) changed the face of English country houses and gardens.

Sir Edwin was a man with a unique style, who’s eclectic designs place him as one of Britain’s most accomplished and well-known architects.

His works span many design influences and elements.  Not only was he a proficient architect, but his work also encompassed furniture and fireplace design which would complement his architectural vision.

Combining architectural innovation with a love of local materials and influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, his buildings often reference the landscape in which they are set.

Inspired by Sir Edwin, we have created many beautiful pieces of furniture based on his drawings (see Portfolio), we strive to emulate the humility and warmth that he shared with his clients throughout his career.

Sir Edwin turned to Thomas Chippendale for inspiration in his furniture design.

To pay tribute to Sir Edwin’s inspiration, we named ourselves 1718 after the year that Chippendale was born. (See Our Story)

One such example would be the octagonal table and chairs, which were first designed by Chippendale being of the style known as ‘Rustic Chinese’.

Research forms a key part of our design process and after spending many an hour at the V&A viewing original drawings, we have accumulated an extensive range of cutters based on Sir Edwin’s mouldings, along with other details he used on his furniture and architecture.

We also have an extensive library to refer to, especially concerning the old masters, to name a few below:

The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director by Thomas Chippendale,

Sir Edwin Lutyens designing in the English Tradition by Elizabeth Wilhide,

A History of English Furniture by Percy MacQuoid

Our inspirational furniture can be found all over the world, and graces some of the finest residences.

We are delighted to share with you some examples of the workmanship we put into these pieces.

All our bespoke furniture is made in our workshop in Dundonald, Scotland.